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One of the perks of having a lot of time in your hands, after religiously applying to at least 8 jobs everyday (my highest count was 21 once), is that you find yourself learning new things. So anyway, (here’s Wonderwall) I invested a little time to write up a nifty Coronavirus case tracker from JHU’s data. My app consumes Johns Hopkins University’s public data (and automatically checks for updated data every hour) to spit out simple, interactive graphs for easy identification of trends.

I’m currently working on (at a super leisurely pace) adding more graph types, e.g. per capita cases, etc.

If you see weird spacing problems in the iframe, you probably are using a mobile phone, in that case please visit the app directly at

Try the Modal Popup

The code that I use for my dev environment is shown below (all rights reserved under GNU AGPLv3):



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