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Honestly, I needed some time to rest after writing the first one. This probably will be the last one of the series. We definitely need some positivity in life if we want to survive these terrible times, don’t you think? So, allow me to vent these negative feelings one last time (hopefully); I will continue with an interesting project I took upon myself after this.

Moreover, there’s a better service that keeps track of these idiots better than I do; please check them out:

Laura Ingraham: If you don’t know who she is, you’re really lucky. She is a Fox “News” – can I draw your attention to how I’m not going to use the word “journalist” – personality. At best, she confuses immigrants with a deadly, highly infectious virus while explaining contact-tracing:

At worst, she spreads misinformation that actually threatens the lives of people by telling them to take an untested drug as a preventive measure of the Coronavirus (the specific tweet I am talking about has since been removed by Twitter for not conforming to their community guide lines about misinformation).

Tucker Carlson: He is another one of these Fox “News” channel’s personality. He too is spreading misinformation about lockdowns on his media… ahem news platform. He claims that US states with Stay-at-Home orders are doing no better than the states without one. He conveniently doesn’t mention that US statistically hasn’t tested enough people for Coronavirus to actually show significant difference, Gerogia, for example has only tested about 0.1% of the population. Numbers without context don’t mean anything, but who’s gonna tell him that?

People who think lockdowns affect their constitutional rights: The people who think Coronavirus lockdowns are affecting their constitutional rights to peaceful protests have neither read their constitutions, nor do they really care about it. Peaceful protests don’t only mean non-violent protests; anything that threatens public safety; a global pandemic, for example, that spreads through contact; also comes under the purview of not exactly being a peaceful protest. If you’re responsible for spreading something that literally kills people, then you’re not doing a peaceful protest. You want to protest? Do it from your own lawn, without coming in contact with people who you might inadvertently kill not knowing you’re an asymptomatic carrier.

Stay home, stay safe, people! And don’t forget: Positive thoughts!



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