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It’s unfortunate that when you’re safely self-isolating yourself, you have a lot of time on your hands. This lets you spend more time on the internet, and you are hit in the face with the true idiocy of people. Here, I’ll list a few idiots that deserve special mention.

1. Idiot-in-chief, Donald Trump: From denying the importance of Coronavirus pandemic and calling it a Chinese virus to propagate racial unrest, to outright lying to the American people, he has done it all. The most recent (at the time of writing this) tweet, takes it a bit further, see for yourself. He is deliberating resuming normal operations as early as the start of May, even though the pandemic will be in full-swing; flattened curve does not mean the danger is over, it means that the preventive measure is working, and should continue until the recovery rates go up. Moreover, that psychopath wants us to forget this horrible time quickly; fun, right?

2. Matt Walsh: I guess I shouldn’t have any expectations from someone who defines himself as a Theocratic fascist in his Twitter bio. He is staunchly arguing that America is “over-counting” coronavirus deaths. He thinks people with pre-existing conditions who died AFTER getting coronavirus because it worsened their conditions, shouldn’t be counted as coronavirus fatality because they had pre-existing conditions (American-health-insurance-excuse flashbacks, anyone?). He too is all for resuming normal economic activity without any regards to human life. Take a look for yourself.

I wish I had a better response than the following, but I don’t think anybody can top this:

3. A certain group of people in Madhya Pradesh, India: They are attacking healthcare professionals. Do I need to say anything more?

4. Debdut Karmakar: I didn’t want to include him in this list, because he might think I am adding him to a list of Donald Trump and Matt Walsh and boost his already over-inflated ego. But his recent post made me include him, nonetheless. Being a rebel against the stay-at-home order from the Indian Government and spreading the virus is cool, right?

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